Francois Driessen Director / Producer

Francois has chalked over 18 years of International Industry engagement in the full scope of motion picture production ranging from Creative Direction, Directing, Animation / Visual FX, Editing & as Colorist. Founder of FireTrigger Inc., it is his creativity and energy that brings out the studio's unique blend of cutting edge media under strict deadline's and budget. Francois is passionate about telling stories with awe-inspiring visuals, and has an awards list that reflects that. He loves to have fun with his family and the team. 

Hannelie Driessen Co Producer / Artist
Hannelie Driessen provides the FireTrigger team with a creative eye and ear for what's current in the industry. She addresses many of the behind the scene roles of production and post production. It's her attention to detail that brings the best out of us and the work we do.
Nathan Scofield Assistant Editor / Audio Post
Nathan is a versatile audio-production and -post master. Honorary graduate from the prestigious Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART), his attention to detail and eagerness to work is driven by his desire to achieve perfection. He is a joy to have on any project and is proud of his M├ętis heritage.