Code of Ethics

We love this planet and its people. :-)

Everyone at FireTrigger has a deep conviction to love this planet and the people that live on it. Therefore, we choose to engage in actions that we believe make the world a better place.

FireTrigger chooses not to participate in the production of any materials that contain the following: 

  1. Sexual Exploitation.
  2. Demonic Glorification or Promotion of Evil.
  3. Exploitation of Victims.
  4. Untruthful or Misleading Messaging.
  5. Promotion of Injustice or Violence.

We know that our choice to stand for certain values might exclude us from being a good fit for some mainstream producers. That's OK. Humankind has plenty of other good things to offer. We'd like to be part of that!

Yes, we might be different from other content creators, but that's exactly what make FireTrigger special. :)